Innovation in Transplantation

For over 100 years, CSL Behring has put patients first by delivering on its promise to discover and develop innovative life-changing therapies to address many of the world’s most serious and rare disorders. We’re now bringing that same commitment to transplantation.

CSL proudly supports AST, underscoring our commitment to transplant.

AST Corporate Affiliate Program Living Donor Circle of Excellence Partners in Innovation

American Transplant Congress (ATC) 2023

June 3-7 in San Diego, California

CSL Behring proudly supports the future of transplant medicine research
On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, Dr Ricardo Mora Cartin, PhD, a post-doctoral researcher at The University of Chicago, was recognized as a recipient of a career development Research Grant Award from CSL Behring to conduct his research: “Addressing Vulnerabilities to the Maintenance of Transplantation Tolerance Using a Bacterial Infection Model.” CSL Behring is proud to support Dr Cartin’s research and its potential benefits to the field of transplant medicine.

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